Concise Object Relational Architecture

COBRA is an object persistence layer written in the Java programming language. It is uses relational database technology to provided the persistent storage mechanism; however the store is fully encapsulated shielding programmers from the details of relational database access.

A whitepaper fully describes COBRA with examples.

COBRA source code and classes can be down loaded from this site.

Javadocs can be browsed on this site.


The original version of COBRA was inspired by the Javaworld article: Reflections on Java, Beans, and relational databases published in September 1997. The current implementation embodies ideas from Scott Ambler's paper on: Mapping Objects To Relational Databases and the sister paper: The Design of a Robust Persistence Layer for Relational Databases.

COBRA has been used as the access mechanism for a large customer services database.  This was backed by Postgresql then Oracle 8.  However only the features required to solve immediate problems have been implemented.  Much further work is necessary.


COBRA is an open source project.  It is provided 'as is'.  Anyone can download the source if they find a feature is missing or wish to change the functionality they can do this themselves and even contribute the updates to the master source.

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