OpenJ2300? is a pure Java program to control the LaCrosse Technology series 2300 weather stations. The API is based on and follows the Open2300 version but is object oriented and written entirely in Java. The Open2300 C library is not used. Instead communication is directly over the serial interface.

OpenJ2300  uses the power of many existing open source libraries to provide a completely functional weather station package. It can read values from a 2300 series weather station, store these in a database and publish data, either directly from a built in web server or via FTP to a remote website.

The project is at initial stages. Only Temperature data is being processed but it is anticipated that functionality will be expanded rapidly. The project will only interest people wishing to get their hands dirty.


Java Communications API

You will need to download and install Sun Microsystems Serial Communications package for Java. This provides serial support for Solaris and Windows. A very small subset of this package is used so it should be straightforward to port OpenJ2300? to other Operating Systems where the Java Virtual Machine does not support this package.

Apache Commons.Net

This package is used for FTP communication with a remote Web Server

HSQL Database Engine

The hsqldb open source pure Java RDBMS is used for storing historical data


The embedded Java HTTP Server and Servlet Container is used for serving weather data to the Web and for administration screens


The Velocity template engine is used to create user editable Web pages


JFreeChart Java class library is used for graphic historical data



Source Code

Version 0.1: ws2300-0.1.jar.gz

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